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Who has the cheapest home insurance? 

Price is a real factor for many Canadians looking for the right fit for their home insurance. According to the JD Power & Associates 2018 Canada Home Insurance Study, the steadily rising cost of inflation is making competitive residential insurance harder to find.  

The good news is that at Tradition Mutual Insurance Company, we are a policy-holder owned insurance company instead of a stock-holder owned insurance company. We are a successful mutual insurance company partnered with the Ontario Mutuals representing one of the most secure financial networks in the world. Unlike large multi-national companies that are only looking to make profits, when we are financially successful, we keep our rates low and give a percentage of our profits back to our policy holders in the form a premium refund. Our board of directors assess our financial position every year to determine whether we will provide another refund of premium on top of our already competitive home insurance rates. For this reason, we believe that the competitive rates at Tradition Mutual Insurance on top of our great coverage's and superior customer service will make us your pick as the best home insurance company in Ontario. 

Contact Kyle Wijnands at 519-393-3246 today to get a quote or take 3 minutes to get a home insurance quote by clicking the link below and let us prove that! 

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