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Get a ONTARIO Landlord INsurance Quote
The best Ontario landlord insurance products to protect your rental properties from Tradition Mutual Insurance Company.

Commercial General Liability Insurance & so much more

Commercial and Residential Building Insurance 

Landlord Appliance and Content Insurance

Landlord Income Protection Insurance 

Landlord Flood and Sewer/drain backup Insurance 

Landlord Equipment Breakdown Insurance

Landlord Commerical Liability Insurance (CGL) 

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John Brookshaw

"We have been with Tradition Mutual Insurance for 60 plus years Kyle is one of the BEST agents we have ever had Full marks on everything!"

Corey H.

"Kyle was very professional and easy to talk to. He explained everything in full detail taking the time to go the extra mile and find me an even better deal. Definitely recommend!"

Jeff Moore

"Kyle is one of the nicest guys I have ever dealt with. Kind, courteous and willing to go that extra mile. If I could, I would give him a 6 out of 5 stars. Kyle is worth changing your insurance company."

Why Should Kyle Wijnands Service your Landlord Insurance Policy? 

Commercial General Liability 

Commercial Vehicle Insurance 

Same Day Service

 In most cases, Ontario small business owners can set up a landlord insurance policy through Kyle within 24 hours. 

Save up to 40% 

Many commercial and residential landlords have been thrilled to have Kyle save up to 40% on their retail insurance policies with Tradition Mutual Insurance.  s!

Expert Advice

You won't be reaching a a call-centre. When you call Kyle at 519-393-3246, you are guaranteed to take advantage of a years of industry experience. 

Cheap Landlord insurance is great but professional service from someone who drives and shops where you live- That's the mutual difference. 

Kyle get’s it. As an Ontario residential or commercial landlord, you want cheap landlord insurance for your rental property investment. Prices everywhere are going up and why get gouged on your landlord insurance as well? Tradition Mutual Insurance Company understands that it’s more than just getting cheap landlord insurance, it’s about getting someone servicing your commercial insurance file that knows who you are each time you call and lives in your area or has connections near you. Kyle and his team at Tradition Mutual Insurance will be sure to be standing by when you call or email about CGL policy questions or a insurance claim with your rental properties.

We get it- shopping for Ontario landlord insurance for your rental properties can be a pain. Our turnaround time is quick and thorough. Kyle and his team will review your existing small-business insurance needs and make sure you have the right coverage that fits your unique situation. A one size fit's all approach doesn't work when setting up your Ontario business insurance. Get a quick business liability insurance quote today and let Kyle place you into a commercial landlord policy that best suites the needs of your real estate investments. 

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Landlord Commercial Liability Insurance 

Commercial General Liability - This portion of a landlord rental property insurance policy protects you as a landlord against if you cause property damage or bodily injury. The CGL policy also covers you for defense costs.


Let's say a tenant trips over an uneven floor in one of your rental properties. A roof  leaks and a tenant's contents are damaged. These are examples of a instance when a liability insurance claim could be triggered. Landlord commercial general liability insurance is designed to protect you as the landlord and your business assets for potential lawsuits resulting from third party bodily injuries, advertising liability and third party property damage.


These types of claims or losses would arise from your business operations on of off your business premises or products that you distribute/manufacture. Tradition's commercial general liability coverage protects you for the legal costs to defend you and your business in court as well as the compensatory costs the are required to be paid to the third party for the damages. 

Tenant Legal Liability  Insurance- This portion of a commercial insurance policy protects against certain damages to leased premises. 

Non-owned automobile Insurance- This portion of a CGL policy provides insurance if an employee occasionally drives his or her personal vehicle for business purposes and your business is pulled into an auto related insurance lawsuit as a result. 

Commercial Vehicle Insurance.png

landlord Vehicle Insurance 

The provincial government of Ontario requires that business investors have mandatory automobile coverage on their vehicles written off for business usage. Even if your personal vehicle is partially use for business purposes as a landlord, your auto policy should be rated accordingly. A breakdown of the automobile insurance coverage offered by Tradition Mutual Insurance is as follows:  

Third Party Vehicle Liability - This mandatory auto coverage protects you or your real estate investment business if you are responsible for a third party's injuries or property damage. Typical limits for this coverage are 1 million 2 million or 5 million. 

Direct Compensation Property Damage (DCPD) - This mandatory auto coverage protects your business vehicle when you are partially at fault or 100% not at fault. This particular auto coverage allows you to deal with Tradition Mutual Insurance directly instead of suing the driver or going after the 3rd party insurance company to recover your damages.

Accident Benefits - In the event you or the occupants of your work vehicle are injured this mandatory auto coverage protects you regardless of fault.  

Collision or Upset - This optional coverage provides you as a business owner the coverage for your vehicle caused by impact with an object such as a tree or a third party vehicle. This coverage also applies if your vehicle flips over for any reason. 

Comprehensive - This optional coverage provides you as a business owner the coverage for your vehicle caused by a loss other than collision or upset. Losses such as hail, vandalism, fire, theft, flood or even being dumped off a ferry to lighten the load in the event of a storm would be provided under this coverage.

All Perils - This optional coverage combines collision/upset and comprehensive and offers added protection for theft of your commercial vehicle for an employee who has access to the vehicle.

Tradition's Added Protection - Tradition Mutual Insurance offers optional business vehicle coverage such as vehicle replacement coverage called the OPCF20 which gives you commercial rental vehicle after an insured loss of your vehicle while it is being replaced or repaired. We also offer accident forgiveness coverage which guarantees that your commercial auto insurance premiums will not increase to your renewal as a result of your first chargeable at fault loss involving your business vehicle. This coverage can be added for each vehicle in your commercial fleet for each primary operator of each business vehicle. 

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landlord Property Insurance 


As a landlord, having a commercial property policy that provides adequate coverage for your rental properties is very important. The following is a brief overview of the types of physical damage coverage you should consider having as a landlord. 

Building Insurance- If you own a building used commercially with rental unites, this policy is designed to provide coverage for a variety of perils such as fire, smoke, wind, vandalism, etc. 


Content Insurance - This portion of a landlord insurance policy protects your physical assets of your business including stock, equipment, software, furniture, machinery and tools. Perils include fire, water damage, vandalism or theft. 

Landlord Income Replacement Insurance: If your rental units are not habitable due to an insured claim, Tradition's landlord income interruption insurance covers the income you have lost as a landlord during the time it takes to restore your rental property back to it's prior living conditions. Lanldlord income replacement or income interruption insurance is essential to ensure that the bottom line of your real estate investment business doesn't take a hit in the event of an insured loss. 

Equipment Breakdown Insurance- This part of the landlord insurance policy provides you as a business with coverage to repair or fix equipment that breaks down to mechanical or electrical malfunction.

Water Protection InsuranceSewer back-up and drain backup coverage is available for your rental properties and landlord contents in the event of damage caused by the backing up or overflow of water from within sewers, sumps, septic tanks or drains. The coverage can also be extended for damage that fall into the peril of catastrophic flooding. 

Earthquake Insurance 

Earthquake coverage is available upon request in the case of damage to your rental properties or contents resulting from an earthquake.

Frequently Asked Landlord insurance Questions

Who Needs Landlord Insurance?


All landlords should have Ontario landlord insurance. Business insurance is critical for the long-term financial success of a business. If someone slips and falls on your rental property premises, you could face a costly lawsuit. Many landlords would agree that commercial insurance is essential because it covers the costs that can arise from property damage, liability lawsuits and defense costs in the event of a loss.  Without business insurance, a landlord would have to cover the damages and legal costs made against their business operations out of pocket.  




Can I Do without Landlord Insurance?

If you are not required by a commercial landlord, municipality, city, consumer or another business to have a landlord insurance policy, there are a few other questions that a landlord should consider to make sure you are 100% confident that you don’t need rental property insurance coverage.


  • Does I have enough money or assets available to rebuild my rental property building/units if it should experience a catastrophic water, wind, fire or smoke claim.


  • Do I have enough money or assets available to defend myself as a landlord in the event of a liability lawsuit?


  • In the event of an insured loss, how many months can I go as a landlord without rental income while still meeting my financial obligations.




What is the Cost of Landlord Insurance?

As a landlord, you want to make sure you can find the cheapest and best commercial insurance option. Prioritizing costs is normal in this uncertain economic climate.  A number of factors determine the cost of your landlord insurance such as:

  • The number of rental units

  • The type of tenants (Commercial or residential) you have

  • The addresses and postal codes of your rental units. 

  • The cost of reconstruction of each detached home, apartment unit or condo. 

  • Landlord liability limit. 

  • Landlord claim and insurance history

  • Coverage limits and landlord insurance deductibles

  • If your quote factors in paying yearly or monthly   

To get a free, no-obligation quote to determine the cost of your landlord insurance, give Kyle Wijnands at Tradition Mutual Insurance a call at 519-393-3246 today.







What Does Landlord Insurance Cover my Business For?

  • Landlord property insurance: Coverage built into a business insurance policy for damage to your business property such as appliances, other landlord contents and the building unit itself.

  • Landlord General Liability Insurance: Coverage built into a landlord insurance policy for bodily injury or property damage to a 3rd party such as a tenant or a tenant visitor.   

  • Landlord Income replacement: Coverage built into a landlord insurance policy for lost income due to physical loss or damage to your rental unit(s) as a result of an insured peril.

  • Commercial additional agreements: If eligible, additional coverage can be built into the policy. Please contact Kyle Wijnands for a summary of these coverages.

  • Landlord equipment breakdown insurance for rental property units.

  • Landlord flood insurance for rental property units.

  • Landlord earthquake insurance for rental property units.

  • Landlord sewer or sump/drain backup insurance for rental property units.

  • Exterior water service line coverage up to $10,000 for for landlord rental properties. 

How Do I Know What Type of Landlord Insurance is Needed?

No two landlords or rental properties are the same. Whether you are a landlord with one rental property or a corporation with over 100 rental property units your landlord rental property  business is unique. When you call Kyle Wijnands, he will personally assess your rental property insurance needs to make sure you have a landlord insurance package that fits your unique needs. His thorough risk assessment of your real estate investment portfolio is free and there is no-obligation. Give him a call at 519-393-3246 today.



What are the Different Types of Commercial Rental Property Tenants?


Tradition Mutual Insurance Company not only insures residential properties but also commercial rentals occupied by commercial tenants. Keep in mind that landlord insurance covers you as the landlord for your operations, negligence and liability but not for the tenant's operations or negligence. The commercial tenant would be required to obtain their own commercial insurance for their own business operations. Landlords who provide commercial occupancy to the following commercial tenants can get a comprehensive landlord quote for their commercial units through Tradition Mutual Insurance Company. Please give me a call to get a quote today:

Types of Commercial Tenants renting from you the Landlord:

  • Retail business that offer hardware/installation away from the business location.

  • Retail businesses that sell paint and wallpaper at their business location only.

  • Retail business selling building materials and home improvement supplies.

  • Retail businesses selling plumbing, heating, air conditioning supplies.

  • Retail businesses selling china, crockery and glassware.

  • Retail businesses with showrooms selling furniture, heavy appliances, lamps, lighting fixtures, second hand furniture.

  • Retail businesses selling clothing including tailoring, alteration and repair.

  • Retail businesses selling carpets, rugs, draperies, curtains, linen and linoleum tile

  • Retail businesses operating as a department Store selling apparel, fabrics, furs, house furnishings, furniture, hardware, groceries or meats

  • Retail businesses offering door to door consumer sales and services.

  • Mail order houses and direct selling organizations.

  • Supermarkets

  • Bakeries

  • Dairy product, confectionery, frozen food and ice cream shops

  • Other food type stores selling consumable products.

  • Farm implement and machinery stores that offer sales and service.

  • Furrier shops that sells, repairs alters, clears or deals with clothing made of fur.

  • Footwear shops.

  • Clothing Accessory shops (Belts, Scarves, etc.)

  • Family clothing, women’s wear and men’s wear.

  • Art galleries, pictures, print and framing shops.

  • Antique shops.

  • Electronic Equipment (Computers, Home Entertainment, Office Machines)  -  Store only

  • Records, Compact Discs and Tapes (Audio/Video) Sales and Rentals - Store Only

  • Carpets, Rugs, Draperies, Curtains, Linen, Linoleum Tile - With installation

  • Furniture, Heavy Appliances, Lamps, Lighting Fixtures, Second Hand Furniture - With installation

  • Electronic Equipment (Computers, Home Entertainment, Office Machines)  - With Repair

  • Drug Stores - Prescriptions, Toiletries, etc

  • Bicycle Shops Including repair and assembly

  • Garden & Lawn Centres and Light Farm Supplies

  • Jewellery stores

  • Variety Stores and Convenience Stores

  • Shoe Repair, Boot Black, Hat Cleaning shops

  • Book store

  • Florist shops

  • Stationery stores

  • Pet Shops

  • General Stores Country - Population Under 3,000

  • Dry Goods, Fabrics, etc.

  • Flea Market

  • Handicraft, Hobby

  • Instruments (Drafting, Scientific)

  • Leather, Luggage

  • Musical Instruments

  • Religious book store and goods.

  • Toy stores

  • Cameras and Photography Supplies

  • Limited Price Range Stores ( Dollar, Loonie)

  • Coin, Stamp Dealers, Rare Books

  • Gynecologists 

  • Obstetricians 

  • Physicians

  • Surgeon Specialists

  • Psychiatrists 

  • Oculists 

  • Ophthalmologists 

  • Radiation Specialists (Incl. X-Ray, Infra-Red)

  • Dentist, Periodontist

  • Nurses I

  • Physiotherapist 

  • Anesthetists 

  • Chiropractors 

  • Optometrists

  • Opticians 

  • Osteopaths 

  • Chiropodists, Podiatrist

  • Dermatologist

  • Hearing Aid Services

  • Dentists, Denturists


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