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How much does Ontario homeowners insurance cost per month? 

Price is a real factor for many people when getting a quote for the right home insurance policy in Ontario, Canada. According to the JD Power & Associates 2018 Canada Home Insurance Study, the average cost of a home insurance policy was $1284 a year or $107 a month. 

At Tradition Mutual Insurance Company, the average cost for a $350,000 comprehensive home insurance package rebuild at 2 million liability protection at a $1000 deductible costs around $70 a month. There are a variety factors that can affect the exact pricing such as:

- Distance to a hydrant or responding fire hall

- Specific water flood, water line and sewer/drain backup coverage options that are necessary 

- Prior insurance history 

- Heating type, age of roof, age of the home

- If you are claims free

- Other policies bundled with Tradition Mutual Insurance Company 

- Whether you are mortgage free or whether you are purchasing your

first home

Contact Kyle Wijnands at 519-393-3246 today to get a quote or take 3 minutes to get a home insurance quote by clicking the link below. 

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