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Does my home insurance policy cover me working from home?

Times are changing and many people in Canada and the United States are working from home and Ontario homeowners are no exception. Statistics tell us that there is a steady increase of people who have a work or office space in their residence. Many are using applications like zoom, skype and VPNs to make this possible. 


It is important to remember that a home insurance policy is designed to cover personal or private activities and contents. This is particularly true if your business has valuable software, stock or products in your home.  This isn't to say that there isn't any coverage available under a home insurance policy for your commercial or business property stored in your home. If there isn't an exclusion for such, there is most likely a limit. 

At Tradition Mutual Insurance, we provide a limit of $3,000 for business or commercial contents of those working from home under our standard homeowner's package, $10,000 under our comprehensive homeowner package and $15,000 under our premium homeowner package. 

For higher coverage, you need to contact Kyle Wijnands at 519-393-3246. You can also calculate your quote and have him follow up with you by clicking the link below. 

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