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CHicken Farm insurance and so much more

As a chicken farmer, keeping your flock of layers or broilers disease free is of utmost importance. A comprehensive poultry farm insurance policy is necessary to give a farmer peace of mind in case of loss. Tradition Mutual Insurance offers robust coverage and competitive pricing to make sure heat prostration, machinery breakdown, barn fires/smoke damage doesn't cause financial devastation. 

Kyle and Tradition's underwriting, loss-prevention and in-house claims team is well-versed in how to customize your coverage to ensure you are properly protected. Kyle can provide a complimentary on-site analysis of your operations to determine what  is necessary to make sure your home, barns, flock, feed, machinery, liability and farm vehicle form is current and doing what it's meant to do. Let Kyle take some of the stress out of your farm by breaking down complicated lingo into something understandable. You have better things to do on your farm than to worry about your insurance- let Kyle Wijnands do that for you! 

poultry Insurance Policy CoveragE Available:

  • Home and property 

  • Farm machinery

  • Fuel and fuel tanks

  • Farm buildings and shed insurance

  • Boilers and equipment breakdown

  • Agriculture & Computer hardware

  • Agriculture Drones

  • Farm and personal autos

  • Livestock insurance for hauling fowls in farm vehicles. 

  • Business interruption 

  • Farm, home and business liability

  • Theft and vandalism

  • Legal fees (if being sued)

  • Harvested crops and spoilage caused by breakdown or power interruption

  • Heat Prostration 

  • Geese, duck, quail, turkey, guinea fowl and silkie chicken 

  • Pollution liability, and more…


Kyle Wijnands worked in the agriculture sector for nine years before selling farm products at Tradition Mutual Insurance. The experience gained at Luckhart Transport in Sebringville, a horse farm in Mitchell and a dairy operation in Stratford has given Kyle practical and realistic solutions that poultry farmers can relate with.  Not only is he down to earth but also conscious of your need for competitive products, service and rates. Let him tailor a poultry package that gives you the peace of mind you need so you can focus on your business.

With Tradition Mutual's farm insurance policy package, these boxes will be checked:

Deal with Experts

Extensive liability Protection

competitive rates

Coverage in the event that someone is injured or property is damaged on your farm.


What is poultry farming Insurance?


This is at type of farm livestock insurance product designed by insurance companies to ensure that poultry producers are placed into the same financial position they were in prior to a loss to their poultry barns, property, layers or broiler flock, produce or implements. These losses result from unexpected perils (i.e. fire, wind, smoke, hail) insured by the policy. This type of livestock insurance indemnification is something that Tradition Mutual Insurance has specialized in for over 140 years. We are more than an insurance broker. We are a mutual insurance provider that is proud to have Kyle working as a local agent selling agri business products in our poultry program. 

What is poultry insurance?

What does chicken insurance protect me for? 


As a producer, your contract of insurance will be based on the nature of your poultry operation and overall farm operations. A policy should cover your loss of income for a consequential loss; livestock insurance for loss to livestock such as broiler chickens, baby chicks and laying hens; farm poultry (eggs), clean up costs /debris removal; farm owner dwelling coverage; proper  coverage to rebuild your entire barn / outbuildings including barn systems; vehicle impact protection; exterior farm signs, farm property insurance and liability insured animals and the insured person named under the policy for third party damages. Additional coverage can be purchased by organic farmers selling natural products. It can protect against avian influenza outbreak, fowl disease and heat prostration. Depending on the farm package you chose, there are a variety of things that may be excluded from farm property insurance. For example, a common exclusion is war, invasion, terrorism, wear, tear, gradual deterioration and voluntary parting with the title or ownership of property. Depending on the loss form chosen in the contract of insurance, there may be a co insurance penalty or a payout of actual cash value instead of replacement cost for an insured loss. Every poultry insurance program and insurance premiums will vary depending on the risk analysis done when the farm policy was written. 

What is the cost of chicken farming insurance coverage? 

Like most insurance products, there are specific metrics and variables that can affect the price for a fowl producer's livestock insurance. The territory in which you farm will determine the actuarial statistics that determine the amount of wind claims, hail damage, water or fire losses that

typically affect a certain postal code in Ontario. The years of experience a farmer, past cases of avian influenza outbreak, death to livestock  has bearing on the rate a company uses to determine the cost of insurance as well. Other factors such as loss history, loss form type, chosen insured flock protection,  cash flow of farm, past insurance experience, deductible amounts, coverage limits, property condition, age of buildings, upkeep of property, number of acres owned, gross receipts, number of staff, number of insured person or persons and a variety of other factors can influence the cost.

How much does a poultry farm insurance cost? 

What is the best poultry insurance company? 

You may wonder, what is the best Ontario mutual near me? The answer to this question is simple- Tradition Mutual Insurance in Sebringville, Ontario. We service operations all across Ontario. When considering the competitive coverage, rates and customer service you will receive from Kyle Wijnands at Tradition Mutual Insurance the answer clear. Insure your hobby farm or  organic / natural products within the Ontario Mutuals! Give Kyle a call today at 519-393-3246 and he will work around your schedule to arrange a visit to assess your farm, provide a risk analysis and determine the poultry insurance coverage that best suites your needs.

What are the types of poultry insurance available for a chicken farmer? 

-Building insurance - The farmer’s home is on the property, home and personal content coverage is required. Layer and broiler barns, outbuildings and implement sheds should be insured under the proper insurance package for the type of risk/condition they are in.

-Farm vehicles- A farmer will need to insure farm vehicles, personal vehicles, ATVs and other off-road vehicles, golf carts, trailers, tractors and equipment.

-Fuel tanks and oil tanks should be insured for any type of environmental hazards they may cause.

-Breakdown coverage - farm owners want to be confident that computer hardware, fans, equipment and boilers in case of breakdown that can in turn cause a loss.

-Egg insurance - Coverage for eggs that are collected before shipping should be insured.

-Crop coverage- Crops that are stored in silos or barns should be noted under a farm policy to be protected in case of a fire loss.

-Animal coverage- This is another important coverage for your laying hens or meat birds in case of an insured peril.

-Business interruption coverage - If a fire or other applicable peril prevents the farmer from continuing farming activities, there is insurance for that. This will protect a farm from loss of income.

-Liability insurance- It is also important that the business be insured for liability to cover legal fees and damage to a third party in case of a lawsuit. you will want protection in case of some getting injured on your farm.

-Drone coverage- Don’t forget insurance on a aerial drone used for agricultural use.

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