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Are you comparing cheap home insurance quotes with a broker? Why not choose an agent instead? Here is why:

With Tradition Mutual Insurance Company, you won't be calling into a call-centre when you need help, add coverage or to pay your bill. Your agent will personally service your unique needs and files with the utmost care and with a wealth of experience. For examp, Kyle Wijnands is an experienced agent who even has his clients calling him from the side of road on a weekend coaching them through what they should do in the event of a claim. Kyle often drives out to a client's home to go over their overages in person. Do you get this service with your broker? 


On top of this personal service, Tradition Mutual Insurance guarantees insurance on your home that’s flexible and adaptable to your lifestyle. This not only protects you better but saves you money. We start with a base and add coverages for things like swimming pools, decks, boats, jewelry, collectibles etc. We also offer Guaranteed Rebuilding Cost to ensure you never has an insurance shortfall in the event of a total loss. 

For an extra measure of protection, contact me about proactive loss prevention services, such as our: on-site inspections,  fire extinguisher programs, theft-reduction strategies

More important features

  • Protection against fraud for your credit/debit cards and cheques.

  • Coverage on the contents of your freezer/fridge if it breaks down.

  • Cleanup coverage if gas, oil or other pollutant is accidentally spilled on your property.

  • Fire department charge coverage.

  • Coverage for floods, sewer backup, ground water, surface water and water line failure. 


​Contact Kyle Wijnands at 519-393-3246 today to get a quote or take 3 minutes to get a home insurance quote by clicking the link below and let us prove that we are going to get you the best coverage, service and price! 

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