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How much should home insurance cost?  

With the cost of living steadily increasing across Canada, Ontario homeowners are doing their research to determine where they can get the best price, coverage and service from Ontario insurance companies.  

At Tradition Mutual Insurance Company, we believe that you don't deserve to pay more than you need to for home insurance. To cut to chase, the average cost for a $350,000 comprehensive home insurance package rebuild at 2 million liability protection at a $1000 deductible costs around $840 a year. There are a variety factors that can affect the exact pricing such as:

- Distance to a hydrant or responding fire hall

- Specific water flood, water line and sewer/drain backup coverage options that are necessary 

- Prior insurance history 

- Heating type, age of roof, age of the home

- If you are claims free

- Other policies bundled with Tradition Mutual Insurance Company 

- Whether you are mortgage free or whether you are purchasing your

first home

Contact Kyle Wijnands at 519-393-3246 today to get a quote or take 3 minutes to get a home insurance quote by clicking the link below. 

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Other Common Ontario Home Insurance Quote Questions

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