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Good things grow in Ontario and Tradition Mutual Insurance is making that happen! As an Ontario greenhouse, vineyard, flower, fruit, vegetable or orchard farmer, keeping your farm and commercial business operating smoothly and safely is of utmost importance. A comprehensive farm insurance policy is necessary to give a farmer peace of mind in case of loss. Tradition Mutual Insurance offers robust coverage and competitive pricing to make sure business interruption, harvested crop loss, lawsuits, machinery breakdown, commercial building fires/smoke damage doesn't cause financial devastation. 

Kyle and Tradition's underwriting, loss-prevention and in-house claims team is well-versed in how to customize your farm and commercial agriculture insurance coverage to ensure you are properly protected. Kyle can provide a complimentary on-site analysis of your operations to determine what insurance coverage is necessary to make sure your vineyard or orchard insurance is current and doing what it's meant to do. Let Kyle take the stress out of your farm insurance by breaking down complicated insurance lingo into something understandable. You have better things to do managing your business than to worry about your insurance- let Kyle Wijnands do that for you! 

Ontario Orchard, Vineyard & Greenhouse Insurance CoveragE:

  • Home and property Insurance

  • Fruit farm machinery

  • Fuel and fuel tanks

  • Fruit farm buildings and shed insurance

  • Agriculture & computer hardware

  • Agriculture drone insurance

  • Farm and personal auto Insurance

  • Commercial fruit processing liability

  • Farmer's market coverage 

  • Vineyard tour and tasting coverage 

  • Greenhouse structure protection

  • Farm coverall insurance

  • Business interruption Insurance

  • Farm, home and business liability

  • Theft and vandalism

  • Legal fees (if being sued)

  • Harvested crops and spoilage caused by breakdown or power interruption

  • Produce coverage 

  • Roadside fruit stand liability 

  • Fast & slow food market liability

  • Pick your own fruit insurance coverage  


Kyle Wijnands worked in the agriculture sector for nine years before selling farm products at Tradition Mutual Insurance. The experience gained at Luckhart Transport in Sebringville, a horse farm in Mitchell and a dairy operation in Stratford has given Kyle practical and realistic insurance solutions that farmers can relate with.  Not only is he down to earth but also conscious of your need for competitive products, service and rates. Let him tailor a farm insurance package that gives you the peace of mind you need so you can focus on your business.

With Tradition Mutual's insurance for Ontario greenhouses, orchards and vineyards, these boxes will be checked:

Deal with Insurance Experts

 farm & Commercial


competitive Farm & Commercial Insurance rates

Coverage in the event that someone is injured or property is damaged on your farm or commercial premesis.

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