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A Mitchell Auto Insurance Policy

Written with You and Your Car in Mind  

Up to 20% in Discounts

Mitchell and Seaforth drivers can qualify for bundled policy discounts, clean record discounts, new driver discounts and many others!


Same Day Service

 In most cases, Mitchell and Seaforth drivers can set up an auto policy within 24 hours. 


Quick Quote

Get an easy auto quote on your device within 5 minutes. and have Kyle follow up by phone. 


Why Mitchell Drivers pick Kyle at Tradition Mutual Insurance   

Kyle get’s it. As a Mitchell and Seaforth, you want cheap auto insurance. Prices everywhere are going up and why get gouged on your car insurance as well? Tradition Mutual Insurance Company understands that it’s more than just getting cheap auto insurance, it’s about getting someone servicing your auto insurance file that knows who you are each time you call and drives the same roads you do when you have a claim. Kyle and his team at Tradition Mutual Insurance will be sure to be standing by when you call or email- you won’t be outsourced to a call center to answer your questions. We get it- shopping for auto insurance can be a pain. Our turnaround time is quick and thorough. Kyle and his team will review your existing car insurance needs and make sure you have the right coverage that fits your unique situation. A one size auto insurance policy just doesn’t work! Get a quick auto quote online now and Kyle will reach out to follow up to make sure the policy is the best fit for you.   


John Brookshaw

"We have been with Tradition Mutual Insurance for 60 plus years Kyle is one of the BEST agents we have ever had Full marks on everything!"

Kim Good

I have my car insurance with Tradition Mutual Insurance and am very pleased with the rates as well as the service I have experienced. Kyle will be sure to provide you with excellent customer service answering any question you may have thoroughly and honestly. He has excellent communication skills and does well to ensure that your insurance needs are met and exceeded.

Dayna Vyse

Kyle found me a much better fit for my auto insurance for a cheaper price and was very easy and pleasant to work with! Kyle was very prompt and responsive and never pushy or sales-y. Super great to work with!"

Google Verified Auto Insurance reviews 

Cheapest car insurance is great but professional service from

someone who has connections in Mitchell/Seaforth and drives the same roads you do- That's the mutual difference. 

downtown mitchell ontario.jpg
Driving in Mitchell and Seaforth, Ontario - Interesting Things to Know     

  • Mitchell is a town located 20 kms from Stratford, Ontario. Incorporated as a village in 1857 when a railway arrived, Mitchell's population has since grown to almost 4600. 

  •  Mitchell is a agricultural hub, surrounded by acres of rich farmland. Parmalat Canada, a producer of dairy products, and Cooper Standard Automotive are two of the town's largest employers. 

  •  Mitchell is the birthplace of Howie Morenz, who played in the NHL for 14 years. Howie  was one of the nine players that were first inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame.

  • The Mitchell Fall Fair is hosted annually, featuring a rodeo, midway, wrestling and tractor pull. The fair is a favorite location for many of the local residents, and is a fun, family friendly event.

  • Incorporated as a village in 1868, Seaforth is quaint town in southern Ontario. In 1984, the Main Street of Seaforth was designated as a heritage Conservation district because of the remarkable 19th century architecture.

  • Downtown Seaforth is home to many small shops and businesses such as Seaforth Jewelers, Blooms n' Roses, Foodland and the Cotton Harvest Quilt Shop.

  • Seaforth and Area Museum features photos and artifacts of the history of Seaforth.

  • Restored with help from the Ontario Heritage Trust, the Van Egmond House is now open to the public. It has Classic Revival and Georgian architecture and offers a reflection of life in the 1800's. All the bricks were mixed and fired on the property, and the varying colors of the walls indicate that the building was completed over a period of time.

Frequently asked auto insurance questions from Mitchell and Seaforth drivers: 

Is car insurance mandatory in Mitchell Ontario?

Car insurance is a mandatory coverage in Mitchell, Ontario. The provincial government has established a standard Auto Insurance Policy that all companies must offer. It was designed to give you and your loved ones basic protection for your vehicle insurance, but there are still a lot of options you can add to that basic protection. If you don’t have mandatory auto insurance, you can be fined or may lose your license, and your vehicle can be impounded.

Where do I find the cheapest auto insurance in Mitchell?

Every Mitchell Insurance company has various classes or types of vehicles that may be cheaper than other Mitchell insurance companies but there is no one company that provides the cheapest auto insurance rates overall. Tradition Mutual Insurance Company aims to balance competitive auto insurance rates with excellent service and auto coverage.

Take a few minutes to get a quote to see if Tradition Mutual Insurance will be your cheapest and best auto insurance option. Get a quote now

Which auto insurance is best for me as a driver in Mitchell?

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to car insurance. When you call 519-393-3246, Kyle Wijnands will ask you all the questions that need to be asked to ensure you are offered the coverage the suits your unique needs.

Which Mitchell auto insurance company has the best reviews?

There are many great Ontario insurance companies but we think that Tradition Mutual Insurance stands out for many reasons. We have great client retention rates, reviews and have donated millions of dollars back into Ontario to support the community. These are just a few reasons. Kyle Wijnands at Tradition Mutual Insurance Company has gathered many 5 star reviews from clients over the years but don’t take our word for it. Check them out yourself!


Why is car Insurance so expensive in Mitchell?

Ontario is a province that many are immigrating to because of the diverse communities and economic opportunities. There is one thing that Ontario has that many which it didn’t is some of the highest auto insurance rates in the world. Many ask why this is. It was determined in 2017 by the Special Advisor to the Ministry of Finance that car insurance rates were an average of $1,558 for Ontario drivers. To put this in perspective, this is 55% higher than the average cost of auto insurance rates in other provinces and territories in Canada. Actuarial statistics show us that because Ontario is more densely populated than the other provinces and that leads to higher chances of claims. In 2017, the Ontario Minister of Finance also revealed that auto insurance fraud was higher than any other part of Canada with a whopping $1.6 billion dollars in auto insurance fraud that funnels through the province every year. Unfortunately, insurance fraud is one of the primary reasons why Ontario auto insurance is so expensive.

How are auto insurance premiums calculated in Mitchell Ontario?

An auto insurance policy in Ontario has a variety of moving parts that are factored into the rate. The following are the various factors that car insurance rates are based upon.

  • Age

  • Gender

  • How long you have been licensed

  • How long you have been insured

  • In what country you have been insured

  • Your past accidents in the last 6 years (including partially at fault accidents)

  • Your past convictions in the last 3 years

  • Your insurance payment history such as past cancellations by an insure company due to non-payment

  • Having driver’s training

  • Your location- A densely populated area is prone to higher rates.

  • Use of vehicle such as commuting, business or just for simple pleasure use. For example someone who commutes 60 km to work will pay more for insurance then someone who only commutes 3 km.

  • Vehicle year and type – Certain vehicles have better safety ratings or higher accident statistics which will get you cheaper rates.

  • Chosen deductible- The higher the deductible the cheaper the rates.

  • The Chosen coverage- The chosen liability limits, accident benefits coverage and chosen optional auto insurance coverages all affect the rates of an auto insurance policy.  

  • The insurance company- each auto insurance provider has different risk appetites compared to their competitor. One company may have a better loss experience with a certain age demographic over a certain period of time and therefore offer cheaper auto insurance rates.


Are auto insurance quotes free in Mitchell?

Yes, auto insurance quotes are free in Mitchell and anywhere else in Ontario. An auto insurance broker or agent gathers your risk details and then provides an estimate of how much your particular policy will cost you. After you decide to proceed with coverage is when you begin to be charged for your car insurance coverage.

Ways to get cheaper auto insurance in Mitchell and Seaforth Ontario: 

New Driver Discounts

If you are a new driver in Mitchell or Seaforth, you qualify for some great discounts! 

Bundle Policies

If you have auto and home/tenant insurance in Mitchell and area, you can save on both policies

Multiple Vehicles

If you have more than one vehicle in the household insured, car insurance rates are cheaper

Pay Annually 

Paying annually instead of monthly will make your auto insurance premiums cheaper. 

Take Driver Training

For new drivers in Mitchell or Seaforth, having driver's training helps to lower auto rates and get cheaper insurance. 

Pay on Time

If you pay on time, your insurance record won't have any cancellations for non-payment and will get you cheaper rates. 

Relationship Status

Typically, the statistics for those who are married are better and can get you cheaper auto rates. 

Have a Clean Record

At fault collisions, convictions, dangerous driving charges etc make premiums higher. A clean record means cheaper auto rates for Mitchell drivers.  

Low KM Use

The lower the usage of the vehicle as a Mitchell or Seaforth driver, the cheaper the insurance. 

Shop & Compare

Rates range from company to company. Look around to see what is the best and cheapest. We serve the Mitchell Ontario area. 

Raise Deductibles

The deductible is what you pay before the insurance company does. Higher deductibles make car insurance rates cheaper. 

Winter Tires

Mitchell and Seaforth roads can be slick in the winter. Discounts are available for having winter tires on your vehicle during the snowy season. 

Mandatory Car Insurance Required for Mitchell and Seaforth drivers

Liability Coverage 

For bodily injury or property damage of someone else, costs are covered for you.

Direct Compensation

If you are are not at fault, damages to your car are covered.

Uninsured Auto

If an uninsured driver is negligent, medical costs and physical damages are covered.

Accident Benefits

Regardless of  fault, medical and other expenses you are eligible to receive are paid out.  

Optional and Enhanced Auto Insurance Coverages available for Mitchell and Seaforth drivers


Protects your vehicle from damage caused by perils like fire, hail or theft (besides collision or upset.)

Collision or Upset

Protects your vehicle from losses such as collision with another vehicle or object. 

All Perils

Combines collision or upset and comprehensive coverage and also includes increased theft coverage. 

Accident Forgiveness

With this protection, provided that you are not charged with a careless, your rates won't increase if you have a partial or 100% at fault accident. 

Rental Car Coverage

Liability for damage to non-owned Automobile(s)  when insured persons rent other automobiles. Contact for further details.

Vehicle Replacement

Coverage for reasonable expenses incurred in
renting a similar substitute automobile or obtaining alternate transportation while
the insured vehicle is out of use as a result of an insured loss.

Depreciation Protection

If eligible, vehicle can qualify for 24 months of replacement cost coverage instead of the depreciated value at the time of loss. 

Family Protection



If the other motorist has
insufficient insurance, additional protection is available for you subject to liability limits and policy agreements. 

Outside of Mitchell and Seaforth Ontario? Find a cheap car insurance quote for these other Ontario cities and towns: 

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