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Woodstock is known as the Dairy Capital of Canada and also called the "Friendly City". Woodstock has a population of around 41,000 and is well known as the home of Fanshawe College.

Woodstock's well maintained Victoria streets and summer festivities attract many tourists, but Woodstock's economy depends heavily on manufacturing due to the numerous auto-manufacturing factories in the city. The Woodstock General Hospital also is a large employer, with around 600 employees and 270 volunteers.

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woodstock ontario


Woodstock Museum National Historic Site once held Woodstock's concert hall, council chamber and first public market. Many permanent and temporary exhibits are displayed, with a variety of interactive, family friendly events hosted throughout the year.

Because of a generous donation from a resident's estate, the Woodstock Jail/Gaol is being restored to its former glory. Elements of heritage can be seen through the historic archtiecture of the walls and high towers.

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What if a customer tripped over a piece of your equipment while you were completing a job on their business or home premises and broke a hip or arm? They would probably file a lawsuit against your company. Even if you weren't necessarily at fault, their lawyer could still try to hold you negligent for job site accidents. With that being said, ensure that your Woodstock business is properly covered and get a fast, easy quote from Tradition Mutual for contractors insurance today!


Woodstock is home to many contractors and their businesses, such as plumbers, electricians, painters, cleaners, carpenters, HVAC contractorsroofers, concrete workers, renovation contractorsinterior designers and appliance installers, who all enter onto clients' home and business premises and are at risk of facing a lawsuit if even a small mistake or accident happens.

Contractor insurance is a type of general liability, which offers contractors protection in the event that they get sued by a third party. If you are a contractor in Woodstock, you face a multitude of risks every day. It is not uncommon for a client to turn their back and sue a contractor if they are not satisfied with the work done. A small mistake could cause thousands of dollars to repair, as well as the headaches and stress to remediate. In the event of a lawsuit or loss, having contractor insurance could mean the difference between bankruptcy or remaining in business. 

Woodstock is nestled in rich farmland and successful family run poultry, dairy, horse, alpaca, sheep, goat, beef ,specialty and cash crop operations. Tradition Mutual Insurance offers competitive rates for farm insurance that will protect the fruit of your labors and set your mind at ease.


Tradition Mutual Insurance offers farm insurance coverage that will cover your farm machinery, farm buildings, livestock, agriculture and computer hardware etc in the case of a loss. Farm insurance also offers business interruption insurance, coverage for spoilage of harvested crops caused by breakdown or power interruption, coverage for boiler and equipment breakdown, milk contamination and more.

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Farm liability insurance coverage protects farmers from lawsuits filed against them by a third party relating to negligence. What if someone was seriously injured or killed on your farm premises? Even though you may not be directly at fault, you would most likely face a huge lawsuit. Farm liability insurance provides coverage and peace of mind so that you know that you will be properly defended in the case of a lawsuit. 


What if an accidental fuel or chemical spill happened? Pollution liability insurance covers bodily injury, property damage and clean-up costs caused by pollution. 

Don't let an unexpected accident or lawsuit put the success of your farm in jeopardy. Get a free farm insurance quote today to ensure that you and your farm in Woodstock is adequately covered!

Farming insurance woodstock ontario
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