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Six Tips for Wind Damage

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

Tradition Mutual Insurance in Sebringville, ON is one of the many insurance companies trying it’s best to keep up with the high volume of claims due to the intense winds this weekend. Here are six Insurance insights that will help you when it comes to a wind claim:

1) Insurance Adjuster TRIAGE – This basically means that someone with a tree that crashed through the roof making a house unlivable will see an insurance adjuster much quicker than if the claim simply involves a tree limb on a deck, porch or fence. With the influx of claims, insurance companies like Tradition have to sort out the damage by level of severity.

2) Know if Your Company Pays Actual Cash Value - This includes broken windows, siding, fascia, soffit and the home’s roof. In the event a homeowner needs to file a claim for roof damage, some insurance providers may account for depreciation due to the age of the roof etc. Most homeowner policies insured through Tradition are insured on a Plus form package basis so we pay replacement cost and not the actual cash value (depreciated amount).

3) Some Limited Coverage- Homeowners should know that coverage is very limited for certain kinds of wind losses such as debris removal when trees and limbs that don’t damage any property but simply fall in the yard. If you have any questions about how Tradition handles this type of damage, please don’t hesitate to give me a call.

4) Keep your deductible and Claims Free Discount in Mind- It is important to remember what your deductible is and potentially loosing your claim’s free discount if you make a wind claim. For example, if your deductible is $500 and you would lose your claims free discount for a few years, a claim of $1,000 is probably not one that you would want to proceed with.

5) Keep Yourself Safe- Secure all glass openings (windows, sun roof) to limit additional damages. Ensure that outdoor furniture and fixtures and all vehicles are brought in (if possible) to prevent them from being damaged. Keep your family members and pets away from glass windows and doors and seek refuge in an interior room with no windows. Don’t go out during the storm and after the storm clears beware of downed power lines and gas leaks.

6) Keep your Property from Further Damage - Although insurance companies like Tradition have other departments assisting with the claim process, homeowners might find themselves in a holding pattern for repairs. When there is a widespread storm, there is only so many tree companies, contractors and restoration companies to go around. If you can safely cover up an exposed roof or have a personal contractor who can assist with getting the structure covered/repaired, most companies are fine with this provided you keep track of invoices, time and receipts. Your work to protect your wind-damaged property could easily save your insurance company from having a larger loss due to water, mold or pests. My suggestion to my clients is to take pictures before the contractor starts any work so that the adjuster can see how bad the damage originally was to ensure that the adjuster can see the original extent of damage and make sure your agent/broker is aware.

If you want to confirm anything about these six tips on wind claims or any other insurance question, don’t hesitate to give me a call at (519) 393-3246. Please stay tuned for another Insurance Insight coming next week.

Kyle Wijnands- BA MA, licensed insurance agent

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