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Equipment Breakdown Coverage

Today’s farms are more sophisticated than ever – so you need insurance that protects your valuable equipment and the income it helps generate. Whether it’s a power surge that takes out the circuit board on an automatic dispensing pump – or a boiler overheating because

of a pump failure -- we can offer you coverage to protect your business from the impact of equipment breakdown. While you probably have good property insurance for your farm, you might be surprised to know it doesn’t cover accidental equipment breakdown.


Flexible, affordable protection for your high-tech equipment is available through Tradition so you can breathe easier.*

• computers and electronics including circuit boards, office phone systems and more

• electrical distribution such as generators, panels, circuit breakers and cables

• mechanical equipment: the motors, gears, pumps and

automated equipment that keeps your operation running smooth

• critical refrigeration and other controlled environments

• specialized equipment such as milking machines and grain dryers

• boilers and pressure vessels including alternative energy systems, heat pumps and electrical solar panels

High-tech means high risk-so count on us for protection.

*For full details please schedule an appointment for Kyle to discuss.

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